Who Wrote The Bible?

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When people ask the question, “Who wrote the bible?” they are usually referring to the Bible as a literary work of geniuses. There is no way that this could be true because the Bible itself says that the Bible is God’s word written. God breathed life into the words that He spoke and that is why the Bible has so many great spiritual lessons to learn. The authors of the Bible were very wise people and they knew what they were doing when they wrote the Bible.

The name that most people give to the person who wrote the Bible is Joshua. It is interesting that the same person who wrote the book of Genesis was also the one who wrote the Book of Joshua. People have noticed that the chapters of the Bible that are written in the same order seem to be called the same thing. For example, when you look at the title of the book of Joshua you will notice that it also has the word, “Odyssey.” This is a very close correlation and it proves that the writer of the Bible was familiar with the Odyssey and he took great notes on it.

The next author of the Bible that we will discuss was David. When you look at the first psalm that describes the love of God to David, you will notice that it starts out the same way as the book of Joshua. The entire psalm is about the love of God. Next, you will notice that when you read through the psalms that David is not always speaking to God but to the people of Israel. This proves that David had very strong relationships with the people of Israel. Many scholars have concluded that these relationships that David had with the people of Israel were what kept him from doing what he was told to do by the elders of Israel.

Another author that many people believe wrote the bible is Methuselah. Like many of the psalms that begin, “I am the voice of the Lord,” the psalms of Methuselah begin with the words, “Behold, thou art consecrated to me with this day, to Thy good and in thy good pleasure.” Methuselah is known for his dedication of the Tabernacle, temple, and temple sacrifices. He also dedicated some of his writings to the law of Moses.

The last author of the bible, named Nehemiah was a native of Jerusalem. Nehemiah is also one of the last kings of Israel. During his reign, the Jews were exiled to the area of Nineveh. During this time, there was a war between the Jews and the neighboring Egyptians. The people of Nineveh became very angry at the Jewish people for not paying tribute to the Egyptian king.

The next verse in the bible, which contains the answer to Who Wrote the Bible is written by Zenith, an angel. She informs Nehemiah that because he is the king, he can go up into the house of the king and pray to him about the fate of the Jews. Nehemiah agrees to do as he is told, and he does so by going to Masada, the last battle in the book of the king. Nehemiah gives up his life fighting against the enemy army, but he is recalled back into Jerusalem by his foster family and given the role of being the king’s counselor.

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